Saturday, December 15, 2012

I watched an episode of The Larry Sanders show last night.  This was, which I believe is called The Stalker, was good enough--diverting and funny.  I've sat silently for about ten minutes total--five minutes at a time.  I wonder if sitting and looking at the world without listening to music or talk radio can even compare to watching produced entertainment.  I sat on the floor of the garage and listened to the laundry turn and change cycles, also to Kate upstairs, the sound of her footsteps while she made coffee.  Can the sound of the world be as diverting as an episode of the Larry Sanders show?

I do not believe anyone will read this blog--but if someone should encounter it, I apologize for the dull prose and the questions that must seem preposterous or the author, who must seem full of himself to think that he could consider these questions.

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